Camera Technician/Videographer

Job Description

This position involves maintaining time-lapse cameras at job sites to capture both the progress of construction and subsequent rain events. Technician can expect to drive to job sites to place new cameras, maintain current cameras, swap memory cards, and replace batteries in our time-lapse cameras.  Job sites are often located in the woods along stream channels; conditions may be very swampy. Collected photographs will then be sorted and uploaded to the company server.  The technician will use stop motion software to create videos from the collected photographs. Technician will also perform other duties as needed to support the design/build team.

Typical Tasks

  • Visit approx. 10 sites every two to three weeks to check the status of each camera, replace batteries as needed, and to retrieve photographs.
  • Photos must also be gathered after each significant rain event, and made into movies to aid the engineering team in evaluating how each project is responding to the influx of water.
  • Upload photos to the server and update the camera status document with information such as GPS coordinates and the date of photo retrieval.
  • Update a rain vs. video log after each rain event video has been made.
  • Travel to sites to place new cameras as necessary.
  • Requirements
    • Must have a driver’s license and own transportation; job sites are spread throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia.
    • Must be in good physical condition – cameras are typically set 10-20 feet above the ground.  Applicants must be able to carry a ladder through job sites and climb to reach the cameras.
    • Basic computer skills to update and maintain an excel sheet denoting the status and location of each active camera, and to sort photos and upload them to the correct locations.
    • Willing to learn new skills and cooperate with the team.
    • No video editing experience necessary, but welcomed.
    • Must be comfortable with navigating forested terrain, and heights.


    Hours:             This position is 40 hours per week.

    Rate:               $13.50/hour plus mileage

    To apply:        Send your resume and a cover letter to Pegeen McGlathery at

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