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    River Rally 2018 – Registration Now Open!

    Hosted by River Network | April 29 – May 2, 2018 | Olympic Valley, California
    River Rally is a national conference for river and water champions. Unique in its focus on providing practical education, inspiring courage, and celebrating achievements, River Rally brings together hundreds of people from across the United States and the world who care about rivers and water issues. Join NGO staff and volunteers, academics, agency and foundation representatives, industry innovators, and community leaders for the biggest (and most fun) water-focused event of the year!



    February 1st, 2018 – Last day to apply for scholarships.

    March 30th, 2018 – Early Bird Registration Deadline.

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    Business for Water Stewardship Project Bank – Potential Funding Available for Restoration Projects!

    Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and River Network have teamed up to offer the Business for Water Stewardship Project Bank (BWS Project Bank), a new online clearinghouse to support growing corporate interest in projects that restore river flows and recharge ground water, and to expand funding opportunities for dues-paying River Network member organizations and their river restoration projects.

    The BWS Project Bank offers an opportunity for organizations to represent their watershed restoration projects on a national platform. BEF uses the Project Bank to share and learn about organizations and restoration projects and to represent specific projects to corporations seeking opportunities to support environmental water stewardship. Where there is a match between corporate interest and restoration projects, companies may elect to provide funding to support those efforts. In a few very instances, BEF may have corporate funds available for immediate investment.

    Click here for eligibility guidelines and instructions on submitting a project to the BWS Project Bank.

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    River Network Announces Fundraising Essentials for Success Webinar Series

    Fundraising Essentials for Success Webinar Series from River Network (November 2017 — March 2018)
    Is your organization too reliant on one or two sources of funding? Does fundraising rely too heavily on one person in your organization? Do you have untapped fundraising potential or unrealized donations? Is your Board underutilized or not yet fully engaged in fundraising? If you answered YES to any of these questions, take advantage of Fundraising Essentials for Success a series of fundraising webinars developed by River Network’s Leadership Development Institute.

    Session 1 – Start Fundraising: An Introduction to Fundamental Strategies
    Fundraising offers donors the opportunity to invest in the change they want to see in the world. At its core, fundraising is relationship-building with prospective donors (individuals, foundations, corporations, etc.). It takes time, and it takes knowledge about fundraising principals, ethics, and the donor cycle.

    Session 2: The Fundraising Plan: Your Framework for Success
    Did you know that having a fundraising plan is the #1 predictor of fundraising success? This session explores how to develop a focused, actionable fundraising plan with measurable benchmarks, a designated timeline, and personal accountability.

    Session 3: All In! How to Fundraise as a Team
    Fundraising is a team effort. There are separate and distinct roles for each member of the team, which can be blurred, depending on the organization. This session explores board and staff fundraising responsibilities; the role of the development committee; the time and energy involved in each step of the fundraising cycle; and common fundraising mistakes.

    Session 4: Making “the Ask”- From Prospecting to Follow-Up
    This session breaks down the process of soliciting a gift from a major donor from prospecting (identifying and ranking potential donors); to getting an appointment with the donor; to prepping for the visit; to the actual “ASK” and all-important follow-up actions after solicitation.

    Session 5: Fundraising 2.0: New Tactics and Technology
    This session focuses on new ways to cultivate and engage donors such as online fundraising, giving days, collaborative fundraising with other organizations, crowdsourcing, peer-to-peer fundraising, planned and sustained giving, workplace giving, and more. 

    This webinar series is FREE to current dues-paying members of River Network!
    To learn more and to sign up, visit rivernetwork.org/events-learning/events-webinars.

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