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    Assistant Water Quality Manager

    The City’ of Durham’s Stormwater and GIS Division is seeking a highly qualified and experienced candidate to help manage technical staff and active programs in fast-pace and challenging environment. This position is within the Water Quality Unit. Examples of work produced by the unit include:

    2017 IECA: Evaluation of Pollutants in Wastewater Produced from Air Conditioning Cleaning Operations:  http://www.ieca.org/IECA/IECA%20Events/MS4_Sessions/Baker.aspx

    2016 CWP National Watershed and Stormwater Conference: Illicit Discharges: http://www.cwp.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Illicit_final.pdf

    ACWI: Evaluation of Pollutants in Wastewater Generated by Mobile Car Washing Operations: https://acwi.gov/monitoring/conference/2014/2ConcurrentSessions/F5/F5Raber.pdf

    Algal turf scrubber pilot project: https://youtu.be/-0WsLRdnk3M

    The City of Durham is a dynamic, multicultural city, a destination for food and entertainment as highlighted in a recent article in Vogue magazine.  Home to Duke University and North Carolina Central University, Durham is also a short distance from North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina, USGS offices, and Research Triangle Park. The Water Quality Unit periodically works with researchers at these institutions on specific issues of concern. Challenges include receiving waters sensitive to nitrogen and phosphorus.

    To maintain compliance with the City’s Stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit.  This position manages water quality programs, provides advanced technical supervision and assists with the management of the Water Quality Section. This is accomplished by directly and indirectly supervising technical staff, development of the City’s monitoring and assessment programs, preparing reports regarding the monitoring and assessment programs, providing project management of internal and external studies and contracts, supporting and/or developing watershed plans for watersheds and streams in the City, identifying areas needing additional information for regulatory purposes, advanced statistical analysis and water quality modeling, reviewing draft permits, and responding to public inquiries regarding pollution. Other duties include providing support and education to public and City personnel.

    Refer to the job posting on the web site for duties/responsibilities, minimum qualifications, benefits, supplemental questions, and job application information. Position is open until filled.

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    Water Quality Specialist

    Water Quality Specialist

    The City of Durham is seeking candidates for the position of Water Quality Specialist. This position directs the surface water quality monitoring program and is responsible for procedures, data review and acceptance and quality assurance. This position also supervises a team of technicians and senior technicians.  The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in monitoring, data review and acceptance. Candidate experience with data storage (i.e., databases) and analysis is also beneficial. The ideal candidate will also have experience supervising a team of personnel conducting field work and data analysis.

    To apply for this position, you must follow the instructions at the following URL:



    Note that this position is one of two Water Quality Specialists positions within the Stormwater & GIS Division of Public Works. The description below is specific to this position.

    Opening Date/Time:
      Tue. 11/03/15 12:00 AM Eastern Time

    Closing Date/Time:
      Tue. 11/24/15 11:59 PM Eastern Time

    Hiring Range:
    $42,904.00 – $51,400.00

    Salary Range:
    $42,904.00 – $68,676.00

    Job Type:
    Full time with benefits

    101 City Hall Plaza, Durham, North Carolina

    Public Works, Stormwater & GIS Services

    To maintain compliance with the City’s Stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit. This position provides advanced technical field supervision and manages implementation of programs within the Water Quality Unit. This is accomplished by supervising technical staff, supporting planning activities, assisting in the development of the City’s water quality program, monitoring and evaluating data, developing reports based on compiled data, reviewing draft permits, and responding to public inquiries regarding pollution. Duties include the following:

    Directs the implementation of the surface water quality monitoring program, including the development of procedures and protocols. This includes annual budgeting for equipment and supplies, ensuring quality monitoring data from desired locations is produced as scheduled, and generally meeting the goals of the surface water quality monitoring program. Regular reports are generated from this program, including water quality assessments.
    Directs special studies or evaluations as directed by Water Quality Unit Management. These generally involved the development of a study plan or QAPP prior to beginning work, supervising work as it is performed, and generating reports to describe the results. Special studies or evaluations may or may not include additional field collection of data or may include the application of different types of analysis to existing data.
    Leads a specific work group and ensures tasks are completed correctly and on time. Supervises a group of technicians that are assigned to work group. Coordinates unit data and file management and maintenance; Prepares written technical reports and presentations summarizing findings; Compiles, prepares and distributes a variety of correspondence and documents.


    Directs the implementation of the surface water quality monitoring program; develops field procedures and protocols for surface water monitoring and documents these in SOPs or QAPPs; analyzes quality assurance procedures to ensure quality data is produced; ensures monitoring of weather conditions; manages program activities including annual budgeting for surface water quality monitoring program supplies and equipment; coordinates and schedules teams to ensure adequate support is available; audits the monitoring programs to ensure adherence with established procedures.
    Prepares or directs the implementation of complex special studies, data analysis and report generation; prepares QAPPs for special studies; compiles related statistical information; coordinates programs and projects by completing monthly reporting to senior management; contributes to work plan developments; enforces the City’s stormwater ordinance; submits findings and recommendations for code enforcement; participates in legal proceeding; represents the City on committees.
    Coordinates and directs activities on illicit discharges, including procedures to ensure compliance and enforcement of the City’s NPDES permit and stormwater ordinance; documents procedures in SOPs and ensures all needed reporting is completed.
    Coordinates and directs activities related to spill response; provides information to the City Attorney’s Office if required for an enforcement case and may appear as a witness in court; Coordinates with other departments and agencies to insure appropriate action and uniformity of interpretation, application and enforcement of regulations and codes; coordinates and directs activities related to stormwater compliance of municipal, private industrial and commercial facilities, including establishing inspection procedures and checklists; ensures schedules for inspections reference city and state priorities; maintains the illicit discharge and industrial inspection databases.
    Supervises technicians and senior technicians assigned to work group to ensure tasks are completed correctly and in a timely fashion; conducts performance evaluations and development planning; determines work procedures, prepares work schedules; assigns, reviews and approves work of technicians and senior technicians; provides guidance, training, and assistance to assigned staff; performs work load leveling; maintains effective communication to facilitate and ensure adherence to policies and procedures.
    Provides public education by developing educational materials for targeted audiences; providing technical assistance and support to educate City employees and citizens; provides assistance at festivals and public education events.

    Minimum Qualifications & Experience:

    Four years of college resulting in a Bachelor’s degree. Work requires a broad knowledge in surface water resources and pollution identification.
    Three or more years of related experience.
    Work requires supervising and monitoring performance for a regular group of employees (typically technicians and senior technicians) including hiring decisions and performance management.
    Valid North Carolina Class “C” driver’s license with no restrictions orobtain a valid North Carolina Class “C” driver’s license with no restrictions within 60 days of hire.

     Additional Preferred Skills:

    Prior experience with ISCO programming and deployment, storm monitoring, discharge monitoring, and QAPP development.

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