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    Chesapeake Bay Land and Water Initiative 2017-2018 grant program: Request for Letters of Inquiry

    Request for Letters of Inquiry

    Chesapeake Bay Land and Water Initiative Grants Program

    Colleagues and friends in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed:

    We are pleased to announce a new round of grantmaking for 2017-2018 through the Chesapeake Bay Land and Water Initiative.

    A partnership of the Chesapeake Bay Funders Network and the Land Trust Alliance, the Chesapeake Bay Land and Water Initiative seeks projects that will accelerate land conservation and stewardship on conserved lands to protect and restore water quality in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

    We invite Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) from eligible organizations undertaking projects that positively impact water quality and meet the stated goals and interests of the Initiative’s grantmaking program.

    The full Request for LOIs, with further details, is attached to this post and also available here. Learn about projects funded in our inaugural 2016-2017 grant round here. Also attached are general FAQs for operating the Alliance’s online application system.

    Funding requests of $10,000-30,000 will be considered, and approximately $180,000 will be available in this second year of the program. LOIs will be accepted through November 14, 2017, and successful applicants will be invited in late December 2017 to submit full proposals for consideration.

    Prospective grantees are invited and encouraged to attend a conference call and webinar on Wednesday, October 11 at 10:30 am to learn more about the grantmaking program and LOI process. More information and registration is available here.

    If you have questions or need more information after reviewing the Request for LOIs, please contact Jennifer Miller Herzog, Chesapeake Program Manager at the Land Trust Alliance at jmillerherzog@lta.org or 406-580-6410.

    Best regards,

    Jamie Baxter                                                 Jennifer Miller Herzog

    Program Director                                         Chesapeake Program Manager

    Chesapeake Bay Funders Network           Land Trust Alliance

    FAQs Using the Online Grant Application and Reporting System, Oct 2017

    Chesapeake Land and Water Initiative Call for LOIs, Oct 2017 FINAL

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