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    A new lunch and learn sent to the Chesapeake Bay Program by our friends at the Irvine Nature Center!

    THURSDAY JANUARY 11, 2018 | 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
    Enjoy a fine lunch while learning about Maryland’s iconic mascots. One of Irvine’s naturalist, John Tapscott, will share some interesting facts about ravens, orioles, and terrapins. The focus will be the natural history and trivia of Maryland’s Mascots. Price includes lunch.


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    Science Cafe with Alex Jansen: Archaeology & Oyster Restoration

    Science Cafe with Alex Jansen: The Use of Coastal Archaeology to Aid in Today’s Oyster Restoration in the Chesapeake Bay

    Interested in oyster conservation? Passionate about archaeology? Have you ever thought of combining the two?

    The Natural History Society of Maryland is excited to invite you to our first science cafe! Featuring Alex Jansen, a PhD student, and his research combining both archaeology and oyster management! Alex analyzes archaeological sites and oyster shell middens found at Fishing Bay, MD, and sites on the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) Rhode River Estuary to study changes in human technology and Chesapeake oyster populations over the past 3,200 years. He plans to use his research to guide contemporary management of oysters, fisheries, and other natural resources.

    This event will be held on Wednesday January 10th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Oliver Brewing Company. Come and meet Dr. Jansen, learn about his interesting research, and meet other local natural history nerds… all over an excellent pint (or two) of locally crafted beer.

    Cost: $5 per person. You can either pay in cash at the event or prepay by following the link below. http://marylandnature.org/events/

    If you don’t see the event you are looking for, please hover your cursor over the image until the vertical scroll bar appears on the right hand side.

    PARKING INFORMATION: Our parking lot has been renovated with a stormwater management system, with native landscaping. It’s beautiful!, but we have fewer parking spots. Once parked, come to the double glass doors at the top of the ramp and stairs.

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    Culinary Event: The Bay

    Friday, 23-Jun-2017:

    The Capital Taste Food Group is hosting a 7 course Washington, D.C. dinner featuring invasive species and under-utilized native species!  Learn about the treasures of the Chesapeake Bay and actions you can take to make a difference while enjoying a sumptuous meal by some of D.C.’s most talented chefs.

    The event will feature talks from the Chesapeake Bay Program, Congressional Seafood, and the Wide Net Project.  http://capitaltaste.com/events/thebay

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