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    Herbal Medicine Club

    Learn about some local medicinal plants! Join us as we explore the science, botany, ecology, folklore and more during our Herbal Medicine Club.

    There is a rich history of the uses of plants, which we will uncover during this 4-week course. We will introduce you to some common herbs found in the Chesapeake region or that are important medicinals; you will enjoy learning the rich history and folklore that accompanies many of these herbs; and you will learn how to gather, grow and prepare your own herbs for your own use.

    Learn about the science; ecology; history; folklore and more of medicinal herbs found in our region. To learn more please visit nadarraleigh.com

    Course start date: October 2nd

    Subscription cost: $160 covers the cost of dried herbs, lectures and labs, lab equipment, podcasts and video instruction. Access to materials for members only.

    Registration deadline: September 24th

    Questions? Email us at nadarraleigh@gmail.com

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