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    Director of Information Technology


    The IT Director is responsible for the operation of the IT department in alignment with the mission and objectives of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. This leadership role will plan, coordinate, and oversee all IT-related activities within the organization. They will work with leaders in the organization to ensure IT needs are met, and that the best available technology is used to help the organization achieve their strategic goals. They will set the IT vision and develop a plan for implementing new technologies.
    Essential functions include:
    1. Develop vision for IT programs at CBF, including data management, GIS and client services programs.
    a) Coordinate with upper management to ensure IT meets the needs for the organizational strategic plan.
    b) Design and implement IT strategic plans.
    c) Identify and propose technologies and systems to execute IT’s strategic plan and to enable staff to meet their program goals.
    d) Collaborate with department staff to analyze needs and develop cross-functional solutions to enhance productivity, improve support, and facilitate service delivery to all staff and constituents.
    e) Identify opportunities to further CBF’s goal of moving technology systems to cloud based solutions.

    2. Provide leadership and supervision to IT personnel and contractors.
    a) Supervise Applications Team, Client Services Team, GIS Team, IT Contractors, and others as needed.
    b) Identify opportunities for and coordinate ongoing professional training for IT staff.
    c) Coordinate the services provided by vendors, IT contractors, and consultants.
    d) Negotiate and/or oversees negotiation with vendors for the purchase of hardware, software, training, and network services.

    3. Oversee and manage IT operations with a focus on customer service and implementation of best practices.
    a) Oversee helpdesk operation to ensure the best client service experience.
    b) Use help desk ticketing system to assess reports and ensure effective and efficient resolutions.
    c) Supervise provisioning of end-user services that includes equipment distribution and technical support delivery.
    d) Provide expertise and support during upgrades, installations, conversions and general maintenance of IT systems.
    e) Oversee network, server and security infrastructure, connectivity, and monitoring.
    f) Oversee the development, deployment, monitoring, maintenance and support of systems including PCs, mobile devices, telephones, software applications, etc.
    g) Ensure documentation of all implemented systems.
    h) Review and revise Standard Operating Policies and procedures for documentation, systems architecture, security, disaster recovery, purchasing, change management and service provision.
    i) Develop and manage Capital and Operational IT budgets.

    4. Lead and oversee the implementation and continuous improvement of software applications throughout the organization.
    a) Work with staff and departments to understand business processes throughout the organization and identify opportunities for technology to improve process.
    b) Manage the process for new software selections.  Gather requirements and use cases to identify and evaluate options.
    c) Oversee the process of continuous improvement within existing applications by understanding organizational needs and software functionality.
    d) Understand how data is used across the organization and oversee initiatives to ensure data integrity and access to data.
    e) Oversee and manage the integration of CBF database systems, including events scheduling database, Salesforce, SQL Server, and GIS.

    5. Ensure high levels of customer service to staff with regular communication and development of specific training plans.
    a) Provide regular communications to all users of IT systems and services that includes upcoming plans, project updates and any expected changes/interruptions.
    b) Ensure robust onboarding training program for new staff, as well as ongoing training for all staff for new software.

    Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related degree, eight years of experience in the IT field including three years’ of IT management experience.  Prior experience managing complex IT systems within a mission-driven organization is highly preferred.  In-depth knowledge of the Salesforce platform and related non-profit cloud technologies is desired.  A working knowledge of VMware, NetApp, Windows Server, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and other infrastructure/networking concepts is preferred.

    To apply, please send cover letter, resume, and salary history and requirements no later than December 22, 2017 to:

    Human Resources/FY18-021-DIT
    Chesapeake Bay Foundation

    CBF offers a comprehensive benefits package to include: 20 vacation days, 10 sick days, health, vision, dental, life insurance, and a tax deferred annuity plan.  The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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    Pennsylvania Senior Scientist

    The Chesapeake Bay Foundation seeks a Pennsylvania Senior Scientist to be based at its Pennsylvania State Office located in Harrisburg, PA.


    The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) is the largest regional non-profit conservation organization working solely to save the Bay. Established in 1967, CBF has a staff of approximately 185 employees working in offices in Annapolis Maryland; Richmond and VA Beach, Virginia; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and Washington, D.C., and in 15 field education program locations. Our staff and volunteer corps work throughout the region educating students and adults, advocating for clean water polices, restoring waterways, and litigating when necessary.
    CBF’s headquarters office in Annapolis, MD is the Philip Merrill Environmental Center, the world’s first U.S. Green Build Council’s LEED platinum building. In 2014, CBF opened The Brock Environmental Center in Virginia Beach, VA. The Brock Center is one of the most energy efficient, environmentally smart buildings in the world.
    CBF has an annual budget of approximately $21 million and is supported by more than 200,000 members and e-subscribers. For more information on CBF please visit http://www.cbf.org.


    The Pennsylvania Senior Scientist leverages broad-based technical expertise in examining issues related to water quality, point and nonpoint source pollution, and emerging issues impacting the rivers and streams in the Commonwealths portion of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. With the assistance of senior and other technical staff, the position undertakes in-depth analysis to formulate and advocate for positions on state legislation, regulations, technical guidance, policies, federal/state funding, permits, and related matters.  The position provides scientific support for all state office endeavors including outreach & advocacy, restoration, education, and litigation.  He or she helps inform and motivate decision-makers, agencies, business/community partners, and the public.  The Pennsylvania Senior Scientist represents the state office on or at various state/regional/national technical committees, workshops, coalitions, and conferences, as necessary.  The position assists with the efficient and productive function of the state office, including participation in internal work groups, project management, and supervision of assigned staff.

    Essential functions include:

    1. Expertise—maintain proficiency in the scientific/technical information vital to advancing priorities, programs, and projects.
    • Remain up-to-date on relevant literature, tools & technologies, pollution reduction practices policies, regulations, and technical guidance pertaining to nonpoint source and point sources issues, resource management, and water quality science.
    • Build and maintain robust relationships with the academic, conservation, regulatory, and regulated communities.
    2. Analysis—assess information, regulations/guidance/policies, and proposed or renewed projects and permit applications for potential impacts to priorities, programs, and projects.
    • Monitor, assess, and assist in developing positions and responses to state/federal legislation, regulation, guidance, implementation, etc.
    • Spearhead the technical review of select state/federal permit applications and preparation of comments.
    • Assimilate and summarize scientific data pertinent to state office endeavors.
    • Evaluate emerging issues for potential implications to local and regional water quality.
    3. Application—employ technical/scientific knowledge to advance priorities, programs, and projects.
    • Assist in the development, advocacy, and general support of state office endeavors.
    • Design and assist in undertaking investigative analysis and assessment of information that supports organizational priorities.
    • Explore and implement innovative solution-based projects and partnerships.
    4. Communication—effectively inform, engage, and motivate a wide array of audiences on priorities, programs, and projects.
    •Represent state office and its priorities to diverse technical and non-technical entities and audiences, including to media outlets.
    •Advocate decision-makers, agencies, business/community partners, fellow conservation organizations, the public, etc.
    •Actively inform state office staff and others of emerging information.
    •Develop, revise, and update internal/external reports, whitepapers, fact sheets, and applicable sections of the CBF website, etc.
    5. Organization—manage staff, projects, issues, and opportunities in a periodically fast-paced and multi-disciplinary setting.
    •Provide efficient and effective project management, including reporting requirements and budget as assigned.
    •Supervise technical staff, fellows, and/or interns.
    •Lead, coordinate, and/or participate in collaborative multi-disciplinary teams on specified projects, issues, and opportunities among CBF staff.
    •Assist with engaging donors, members, advisory council members, and others as necessary.
    6. Other duties as assigned.

    A minimum five of years of progressively expanding and relevant post-graduate professional experience is required. A graduate-level degree in watershed resource management, environmental science, or other related field is required. An extensive knowledge of federal and state laws, regulations, policies and guidelines governing water quality science and point and nonpoint source pollution is necessary. Experience in using geographic information and spatial analyst tools, watershed models, and other tools is desired. Demonstrated experience in effective public speaking and written communication is preferred.

    To apply, please send cover letter, resume, and salary history and requirements no later than November 30, 2017 to:

    Human Resources/FY18-018-PSS
    Chesapeake Bay Foundation

    CBF offers a comprehensive benefits package to include: 20 vacation days, 10 sick days, health, vision, dental, life insurance, and a tax deferred annuity plan.  The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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    Assistant Farm Manager- Clagett Farm

    The Chesapeake Bay Foundation seeks an Assistant Farm Manager to be based at its Clagett Farm located in Upper Marlboro, MD.


    Work with the Clagett Farm Manager and the Farm Vegetable Manager to ensure that the day-to-day farm operations run smoothly, with a focus on the maintenance of all equipment and buildings, managing the animal manure composting, assisting in planning and operation of the vegetable production, contributing to outreach supporting Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s (CBF’s) mission, and maintaining farm records. This position and the work at Clagett Farm is part of CBF’s Maryland Office. As such the Assistant Farm Manager is also responsible for participating in Maryland Office activities, planning and meetings in addition to CBF-wide events and meetings.

    Essential functions include:

    1. Maintenance of buildings and equipment
    A. Ensure that all farm buildings (barns, garages, equipment sheds) are safe and secure and weather proof and meets CBF Fleet & Facility standards;
    B. Ensure that all farm equipment (tractors, planters, hay equipment, cultivators, bushhog, etc.) are maintained in safe and working condition and meets CBF Fleet & Facility standards; and
    C. Maintain farm roads.

    2. Maintain certification for the use of farm pesticides and fertilizers. Required to maintain a current Pesticide Applicator Certification with MDA and a Nutrient Applicator Certification with MDA.

    3. Assist in the planning and operation of the vegetable production
    A. Work with the Vegetable Production Manager to help develop vegetable production plan, including rotations, timing and amounts of plantings for each crop;
    B. Assist with field preparation and any needed tillage and planting;
    C. Assist with the education of farm interns; and
    D. Ensure timely planting of all needed cover crops.

    4. Manage the compost operation of the farm’s animal manure.

    5. Assist when needed with cattle, pastures and hay, and maintaining pasture fences.

    6. Strategic Impact and outreach

    A. Demonstrate to other farmers, legislators and decision makers that sustainable farming is positive for farmers and the Bay;
    B. Help build allies within the agriculture community to ensure good lines of communication between CBF and farmers;
    C. Positively affect the work of other non-profit organizations and enhance CBF’s goal to develop collaborations, such as with the Capital Area Community Food Bank; and
    D. Demonstrate to CBF members, the public and students the sources of the food they eat and how this food production effects the environment.

    7. Assist with farm administrative tasks
    A. Maintain farm records;
    B. Assist in the development of farm nutrient management plan;
    C. Help develop overall farm operations plan; and
    D. Assist with education of farm visitors.

    8. Other duties as assigned by Farm Manager


    Sufficient farm experience to be proficient in sustainable farming practices, including planning, field operations, building soil quality, and equipment maintenance. At least two years of farm experience and having good tractor and farm equipment skills. State Pesticide Applicator’s Certification and State Fertilizer Applicator’s Certification must be current and kept up to date.
    To apply, please send cover letter, resume, and salary history and requirements no later than October 6, 2017 to:

    Human Resources/FY18-012-CFAM
    Chesapeake Bay Foundation

    CBF offers a comprehensive benefits package to include: 20 vacation days, 10 sick days, health, vision, dental, life insurance, and a tax deferred annuity plan. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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    Education Operations Coordinator


    The Education Operations Team within the Education Department serves a vital and critical role to internal staff as well as Education’s constituents, namely teachers and school administrators.  The Operations Team oversees: the scheduling of approximately 1800 field experiences annually; the management of databases that track teachers, schools, students, and program locations; the annual budgeting process for education (in conjunction with the VP and directors); data and budget sharing with development for fundraising efforts and reporting; public & private grant management; marketing and communication via CBF’s website and print publications; the recruitment and hiring of education staff; safety training, risk management efforts, and the fleet and facilities needs for 15 field programs.

    The Education Operations Coordinator will focus on the areas of grant coordination, accounting and finance. This position will perform accounting services for the department including: public & private grant coordination; billing, overdue billing, coding invoices; reconciling credit card and center checking reports; and expense report approval.  This position requires a conceptual understanding of and professional experience in budgeting, accounting, and financial systems in order to work on both routine oversight of budgets and grants as well as complex assignments. Emphasis will be on grants and contract management, compliance, accurate and timely reconciliation of grant related expenses, and assisting with creating financial reports. Additionally, the Education Operations Coordinator will assist the Operations Scheduling Team with scheduling field experiences, marketing education field programs to various audience. This position reports to the Education Operations Manager.

    Essential functions include:

    1. Education Department Grants Coordination including Public & Private grants and contracts specific to OMB regulations
    • Develop an understanding of the Education Department activities, grants and contracts, along with internal and external financial reporting requirements, to ensure proper data collection and accounting treatment of transactions, and implement recommended changes that will enhance the process
    • Ensure the Federal Grants and contracts as well as private grants are in compliance and reporting is timely and accurate
    • Ensure that grant funds are accounted for properly by restrictions and project codes, (including permanently restricted net assets)
    • Ensure that all grant documentation is received and provided to CBF’s Finance Department for audit and tracking needs
    • Record and account for all multiple year pledges
    • Maintain spreadsheets that track prior, current, and future year grants for Education
    • Meet with members of the Education Senior Management team regularly to report on grant funds secured and expended & project updates

    2. Education Department Operating Accounting Coordination
    • Provide financial information for grant proposals
    • Code invoices on a daily basis
    • Review and approve credit card and center checking reports in accordance with grant deliverables
    • Assist staff in understanding where time and expenses should be coded to appropriately track budget spending on public grants
    • Approve expense reports on a regular basis, also in accordance with grant deliverables
    • Approve check requests and cash advances
    • Streamline processes to ensure efficiency and thoroughness
    • Assist in reporting data to finance and development for grant proposals and reports

    3. Scheduling:
    • Assist in scheduling field experiences for 15 field programs, in collaboration with 2 other scheduling staff.  Input of schedule in database
    • Assist in the scheduling process from:  inquiry → application → assigning dates → confirming date→ pre-trip information → billing →reporting data
    • Establish relationships with veteran teachers and recruit new teachers and other educational personnel
    • Participate in field programs a few times a year in order to understand and communicate the unique features of the 15 programs
    • Maintain the field schedule for fall, spring and summer seasons, with a goal of 90% capacity.
    • Work closely with the other members of the scheduling team on a daily basis.  Most tasks amongst the team are interrelated and interdependent
    • Provide updates to the website to keep information timely and relevant for teachers and those seeking information about our programs
    • Provide information and statistics about education programs, to meet obligations of state funding contracts and reporting requirements from public grants, donors, corporations and foundations

    4. Other:
    • Assist front desk with answering phones and greeting visitors at the Philip Merrill Center (approx.. 2-3 hrs/month)
    • Assist Education VP & Directors with special projects as needed (less than 10% of time)
    • Other duties as assigned


    Successful Candidate should possess the following:
    • Bachelor’s degree, preference for business management or related field
    • 2-3 years’ experience in grant coordination and basic accounting and finance, preferably for a not-for-profit 501(c)(3)
    • Proficient in the use of databases and MS Office software
    • Experience with customer service
    • Ability to solve problems independently
    • Strong communication skills
    • Ability to talk to variety of audiences
    • Multi-task under pressure
    • Collaborate with multiple program staff, departments and external constituents
    • Knowledge of CBF’s mission and programs, a bonus
    • Sincere interest in Bay efforts and educating children

    Physical Requirements:
    • Ability to travel to attend staff trainings & meetings away from home for multiple-day periods throughout the year

    To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and contact information for (3) references no later than September 25, 2017 to:

    Chesapeake Bay Foundation/FY17-011-EOC

    CBF offers a comprehensive benefits package to include: 20 vacation days, 10 sick days, health, vision, dental, life insurance, and a tax deferred annuity plan.  The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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    New Job Announcement

    Senior Development Writer

    The Senior Development Writer is responsible for crafting compelling materials that connect CBF donors to the organization’s mission. S/he will produce a suite of compelling proposals, reports, letters and other materials each year, which aid with CBF’s donor cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in nonprofit communications, marketing, and development writing (or a combination of each) and a knack for storytelling. S/he will tailor CBF’s organization-wide message for a donor audience, recommend engagement opportunities, and ensure the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of CBF’s donor communications across all channels.

    Essential functions include:

    1. Writes, manages, and edits the production of inspiring reports and proposals that secure funding for CBF programs and illustrate CBF’s impact to donors.

    2. Stay apprised of CBF’s organizational priorities and news pertaining to the Chesapeake Bay and recommend stewardship touches and other types of timely communications to donors.

    3. Produce a variety of development materials, including:
    a. Campaign materials
    b. Solicitation letters
    c. Acknowledgement letter templates
    d. Monthly donor renewal letters
    e. Annual endowment reports
    f. Invitations, programs, and special projects for engagement and recognition events.

    4. Support front-line fundraisers by reviewing written materials, sharing articles and other materials for use with donors, and writing solicitation letters and other pieces as needed.

    5. Serve as the liaison with CBF’s Communications Department to ensure consistency in message across the two departments, and to produce materials including:
    a. Printed publications and marketing materials
    b. Development focused articles for the CBF magazine, e-newsletter, and blog
    c. CBF’s Annual Report and Impact Report

    6. Assist with special projects as assigned, including assisting Donor Relations Coordinator with preparing major gift acknowledgements during year-end busy seasons (December/January).
    Candidate will possess 5-7 years strong, demonstrated writing experience.  Bachelor’s degree is required.  Excellent written and oral communication is essential. Candidate should have strong interpersonal skills and be highly organized, flexible, and able to juggle competing priorities in a fast-paced work environment. Attention to detail is essential. Must be able to translate technical and scientific information into compelling stories and cases for support. Proficient in MS Office software and membership databases. Experience with professional production of communication materials and graphic design experience a plus.
    To apply, please send cover letter, resume, and salary history and requirements no later than August 11, 2017 to:
    Human Resources/FY18- 003-SDW
    Chesapeake Bay Foundation
    CBF offers a comprehensive benefits package to include: 20 vacation days, 10 sick days, health, vision, dental, life insurance, and a tax deferred annuity plan.  The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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