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    Seasonal Work2Live WELL Crew Chief


    The Work2Live WELL (W2L WELL) program is a eight-week spring trade development program for underrepresented and underserved adults operated by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Chesapeake & Coastal Service. W2L WELL uses field training combined with classroom sessions, one-on-one mentoring, and coaching assistance through which participants will gain important technical and life skills necessary to succeed and thrive in fields of forestry/arboriculture, wildlife management, restoration, fisheries/aquaculture and boating. The Chesapeake & Coastal Service is currently recruiting for four (4) seasonal contractual W2L WELL Crew Chief positions for the program.

    The W2L WELL Crew Chief is responsible for the overall supervision of a field-based crew. The program begins Monday – March 19th and concludes with a graduation ceremony on Thursday – May 24th. Dates are subject to change. During this eight-week period, full-time availability (40 hours/week) is mandatory. Dates that fall outside this period, including training are variable and may be less than 40 hours per week.

    The W2L WELL Crew Chief shall provide leadership, direction and guidance to W2L WELL participants, ensure they utilize strategies provided in training to maintain a safe and educational work environment, including but not limited to the following:

    Proper professional work ethic and behavior
    Ensure that projects are properly, professionally and completely executed to the satisfaction of site instructors
    Manage the data selected with work projects assignments as required by the W2L WELL Program Manager
    Transportation of W2L WELL participants in state provided vehicle to field sites


    For more information about this job posting click this link

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    Asbury Broadneck UMC Ephemeral Channel Enhancement Project

    This may well be the largest amount awarded for a restoration project on an African American Historical Site int he State of MD. Showing the true importance of building community capacity around solving environmental issues and the power in coordinating partnerships in working with diverse populations!!!



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    Administrative Officer III Recruitment #17-002247-0043

    This position serves the departmental outreach coordinator for underserved populations.   The core function of the position is to assist the department in building better relationships with diverse and underrepresented communities for the purpose of enhancing customer services to all communities served by the Department of Natural Resources.  In addition, the position will support the DNR Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator with the implementation of the Strategic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan (SDEIP).  Bilingual skill is preferred for this position but not required.

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