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So, the brand spankin' new group, the VA Watershed Educators, is now up and ready to go. Let's get this party started!

What's going on in watershed education out there in good ole' Virginia? Let's hear some bragging. Let's share some of those special moments that make it all worth it. How can we help you? And so on. Don't be shy.

OK. I'll start. Got to chatting with my new neighbors this evening, and their 20 yr old daughter asks me what my job is so I explained that I trained educators in meaningful watershed educational experiences. She says, "What's a watershed?" Yowzers. Twenty isn't that far out of HS so I'm thinking, "Oh, boy, this isn't good," but gladly explained. Her brother, sister and mother were also in the room and we got into a grand discussion about watersheds and particularly the Rivanna River. A small "audience", but hopefully a significant impact. Collectively we can make a difference.

How about a story from you?
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