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Welcome to the Chesapeake Network

Love your Land?
Learn How to Conserve It!

Forestry for the Bay

Forests for the Bay is a free, voluntary membership program made up of small and medium sized landowners who, like you, are interested in actively conserving their woodland or want to restore woods to their property.




Chesapeake Network is a social networking site for all interested in the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay.

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Bay News

Attend Public Forums on Draft Strategy for Restoring the Chesapeake Bay

More information and schedule here!

Do you know what’s happening in the Bay today?

 If not, consider signing-up for Bay News to keep up with the latest news stories about the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed.  Bay News is a daily compilation of links to news articles from local and national publications discussing the restoration, health and culture of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed. Sign-up to start receiving your news HERE.


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