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Introduction to the Chesapeake Watershed Network for Beginners

When you first start using the Community Network, you might find it useful to browse through these help files in a separate browser window, or print out some of the pages to keep by your side as a reference. You'll soon find you don't need the help files any more, as the Community Network is fairly simple.

As you use the Community Network, you may have questions--these are often answered in our extensive selection of Help Files. To use our Help Files, click Help in the tabs at the top or very bottom of any Community Network page, or any Get help with... link at the bottom of the white content section of any page. To choose among Help topics, click the blue links. At the bottom of each Help page, you will find links to take you back where you came from, as well as a section labeled Your Visited Pages that will take you back to Help Files you have viewed recently.


to the Help Index

You can suggest additional questions or answers to us at or your community's Suggestions Group.

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