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Subject: Last Chance to join us for our Engaging with Incoming Administrations Webinar!



Last chance to join us for this webinar, sign up now!

Join Us for a Webinar on Engaging with Incoming Administrations (including Weighing in on Nominations)

Wondering what your nonprofit can say about a winning candidate in the recent elections, or if your decision to weigh in on a nominee counts as lobbying? Then this upcoming webinar is for you! We know that right now, organizations across the country, including 501(c)(3) organizations, are focused on making their concerns a priority for new administrations and planning their advocacy strategies for the year ahead. We’ll discuss the many activities 501(c)(3)s can engage in during this transition period (the time between election and inauguration) to influence the policies and directions of a new administration, and help you learn how to make the most of this critical time.

This one hour webinar addresses: 

  • The definitions of lobbying under federal tax law for public charities and private foundations

  • When the following advocacy activities may be considered lobbying (if at all) under IRS rules:

o    Recommending or opposing transition team members;

o    Recommending or opposing people for nomination to key positions in the administration and for judicial vacancies;

o    Research and analysis to educate the new administration and legislatures;

o    Criticizing proposals floated by the administration;

o    And more!


When:   Thursday, January 5 at 11am PT/1pm CT/2pm ET (This webinar lasts one-hour)

Cost: $35/per person (Free if your organization is a current AFJ member)

To register, click here.

*This webinar will be recorded and can be sent to anyone unable to attend. You will receive an email no later than 24 hours before with further instructions and a link giving you access to the webinar.

Questions? Contact Emma at Emma@afj.org

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