Fair Farms has created a video about the misuse of human antibiotics in livestock who are not sick. Along with the significant environmental impacts, this practice is contributing to 2 million antibiotic resistant illnesses a year in the United States and nearly 23,000 deaths.

We’d like to educate Marylanders on this issue as we launch into the legislative session, so please consider sharing. It features a Maryland farmer, Elevation Burger, and the wonderful Mae Wu from NRDC.

We’d be thrilled if you shared our sample Facebook and Twitters posts, below:


VIDEO: #AntibioticResistance is a #PublicHealthCrisis. So why are we still dosing livestock with human antibiotics? ow.ly/rieZ307NHux

VIDEO: Eastern Shore farmer Kim Wagner gives her livestock #probiotics instead of #antibiotics. Learn why ow.ly/rieZ307NHux #MDGA17

VIDEO: farmers & businesses speak truth 2 power on #AntibioticResistance & livestock ow.ly/rieZ307NHux #MDGA17! #MDpolitics

**VIDEO** Misuse of antibiotics is bad 4 #farm animals & #publichealth. Let’s keep antibiotics working! Learn more: ow.ly/rieZ307NHux


Our video is embedded in Facebook, so please feel free to share our Fair Farms post on this. You will find the post pinned to the top of our Facebook page.

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Thank you!

Mitchelle Stephenson
Communications Manager
Waterkeepers Chesapeake and Fair Farms