Montgomery County Conservation Corps (MCCC) Crew Leader is responsible for ensuring the regular, reliable, and professional field-based implementation of conservation service projects while ensuring the training, safety, and quality work performance of corps members.  The Crew Leader implements a Positive Youth Development (PYD) approach by seizing opportunities to enhance teamwork, self-confidence, problem solving, conflict resolution, trust, and leadership among Corps participants.  The Crew Leader oversees the crew of Corps members in the field, interacts with the public and organization staff, and maintains the integrity of the MCCC program by always demonstrating reliable and professional behavior.

Field-based duties may include providing leadership and guidance including the following activities: Litter abatement, recycling, invasive species and weed control, trail construction and maintenance, wildlife habitat restoration, tree planting, park development, light construction, landscaping, campground renovations, general beautification and maintenance of park buildings, facilities and grounds. The Crew Leader accompanies members, seeking out ‘teachable moments’, during outdoor recreation activities and experiential learning excursions. The Crew Leader provides weekly instruction to Corps members through workshops focused around environmental education, tool safety, and project planning. The Crew Leader is also responsible for tracking and entering the data from field-based activities by completing the daily log and utilizing Efforts To Outcomes (ETO) software.

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