Thanks to 78 organizations who recommended attorneys with a good reputation for helping citizens with land use-environmental issues, the national Good Land Use-Environmental Attorney Database now has 257 entries from almost all 50 states and the District of Columbia: Good Attorneys By State.  I believe this database may be one of a kind.

Please feel free to refer folks to CEDS when they contact Chesapeake Network with concerns about a land use or environmental issue.  We exist solely to help citizens with these concerns.  Frequently we can find ways through our Equitable Solutions approach of helping citizens resolve concerns without having to retain an attorney or any other professional.  When legal counsel is needed we’ll link citizens with attorneys listed in the database for their state.  Our Smart Legal Strategies approach can then be used to greatly increase the likelihood of success while reducing expenses. 

Following are some of our many free online resources to help citizens resolve concerns:

·        How To Win Land Development Issues, a 300-page book, 

·        CEDS Development Project Impact Assessment Checklist,



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