The Nature Conservancy is soliciting proposals for Vegetation Management services at 16 Virginia Aquatic Resources Trust Fund (VARTF) sites in Virginia. The purpose of these projects is to provide stream and wetland mitigation to offset unavoidable impacts for which VARTF was utilized as the compensatory mitigation. The primary objective of this RFP is to enhance and restore riparian buffer and wetland areas on VARTF project sites. The scope of work requires the Contractor to conduct site management activities that controls invasive species and encourages native vegetative cover on the subject properties per the specifications herein that will meet or exceed the standards for compensatory mitigation in Virginia.  Contractor may bid on all sites, individual sites, or a combination of sites.

Deadline for proposals May 19, 2017.

To download the RFP, please visit our website at:

I look forward to hearing from all of you and reviewing your bids.  Thank you for your time and effort.
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