With funding from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, the Center for Watershed Protection, Hirschman Water and Environment and Lori A. Lilly Environmental Solutions worked with Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) to prepare two Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination videos and a Field Guide for Coastal Plain communities.

Video 1 – Identifying Illicit Discharges in the Coastal Plain- https://youtu.be/N8Ng90PL7Tk
Video 2 – Tracking and Eliminating Illicit Discharges in the Coastal Plain – https://youtu.be/jTTNWNM8LWc
Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Field Guide for the Coastal Plain: How to Identify and Quickly Report Pollution Problems: http://owl.cwp.org/mdocs-posts/illicit-discharge-detection-and-elimination-field-guide-for-the-coastal-plain-how-to-identify-and-quickly-report-pollution-problems/
Videos and Field Guide also at: http://www.lorialilly.com/illicit-discharges/idde-resources

Thank you,

Lori Lilly