The Watershed Stewards Academy is currently accepting applications for the 2017-2018 Master Watershed Steward Certification Course.

Since 2009, WSA has certified over 180 Master Watershed Stewards from Brooklyn Park to Herring Bay!

Master Watershed Stewards take action with their neighbors to address the problem of storm water pollution and restore local waterways in Anne Arundel County. Our hands-on, research-based certification course gives Stewards the tools to implement change in their communities, turning knowledge into action. Our 10th certification course has been re-designed to include both web-based and in-person sessions that will focus on interactive,  hands-on learning.

Watershed Stewards may choose to serve within their neighborhood, school, office or house of worship to install projects such as rain gardens or conservation landscapes and to reduce pollution at its source.  Collectively, these small community based actions are improving the health of the larger Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Attendance at one of our Informational Orientations is required prior to submitting an application. Course schedule, application and Informational Orientation registration may be found here. Application Deadline: September 20th.