Dear Chesapeake Network member,

As we ring in the new year we would like to make you aware of new changes to the Chesapeake Network that will improve functionality and accessibility to the Chesapeake Network! If you already have an account on the Network please pay attention to all bold text as you will need to update your settings.

Aside from a refreshed design, the Chesapeake Network has undergone a few larger changes including the following:


Chesapeake Network Daily Email Digest:

  • Network notifications via email will now be sent out once a day at 11AM in order to facilitate the new changes to the Network.
  • These Daily Email  Digests will include all public posts to the Network as well as all posts to any Private Groups to which you are subscribed.

Adding a New Post (Jobs, Events, Announcements, and Resources):

  • All posts are now easily posted using the blue “New Post” button at the top right of the home page. Once the type of post is selected, the appropriate fields will be generated to input the post information, whether it be a Job, Event, Announcement, or Resource.

Expanded Job Postings and Searching:

  • With a new effort to increase the amount of green job opportunities available to youth in the watershed all job postings  can now be categorized based on “Job Type”, those being:
    • Career
    • Corps Program
    • Internship
    • Specialized Vocational Training
    • Academic School Related Program
    • Volunteer
  • Selecting any of the “Job Types” except “Career” will create three new data fields to input more detailed information, those being:
    • Length of Program
    • Age Range
    • Program Elements
  • To increase the accessibility to job opportunities new search functions have been incorporated to filter posts by “Job Type”.

New Search Bar:

  • A Search Bar has been added to the left side of the webpage. This Search Bar can be used to look for any information on the Network.


Subscribing to Daily Digest Emails:

  • EXISTING MEMBERS: You need to re-subscribe your account in order to receive the new Daily Digest Emails. Click “Subscribe” at the top of the page and check the boxes for groups you wish to receive daily updates for.
  • Before logging into your account, the homepage of the Chesapeake Network will display all posts (jobs, announcements, events, and resources) that are made public.
  • Posts from Private Groups can only be seen once you have logged into your account and joined those groups, pending approval of the moderator.
  • The list of Groups can be accessed by clicking the “Groups” button at the top of the page. Here can you search for groups and join those you want to keep up to date on.

If you have an idea for a new group, use the “Create A Group” button to submit a request for your group.


Group Forums:

  • Each Group has their own online Forum that can be used to post messages, ask questions, and as a space to facilitate discussion within a group between its members.



Updated Calendar:

  • The Calendar is now accessible at the top of the home page.
  • The Calendar will display events in the order they occur. Clicking on an event will take you to the specific post with more details.
  • Upcoming events now populate on the left side of the homepage


Uploading Resources:

  • Resources 5MBs and under can be uploaded directly to the Network by using the “Submit a Post” button.
  • All resources are now categorized by type for ease of searching, those being: Worksheets, Presentations, Handouts/Fliers, and Reference Materials.


If you have any questions about the changes to the Chesapeake Network please contact us at: