Develop and Implement Training to Build Project Management Capacity of Organizations to Implement Large Scale Watershed Restoration Projects – Request for Proposals (RFP)



The Chesapeake Bay Trust, with partners the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Chesapeake Bay Funders Network, is seeking consulting services to develop and implement a watershed restoration project management training program for organizations interested in increasing their ability to manage large scale ($100,000 and above) watershed restoration projects. The primary objective of the assistance to be provided is to enable at 10 to 15 organizations to better manage and implement projects, compete for funds, and increase their abilities to accomplish overall water quality and/or habitat improvements in local watersheds.


See our RFP to submit a proposal to provide services for the scope of work that is online here: Watershed Restoration Project Management Training RFP. 


The deadline is May 9th at 4pm. Visit our website for more details at: