Greetings, stormwater professionals:


Here’s the bottom line first…


We need you to fill out a survey, please.


You can reach the survey here –



Here’s the rest of the information…


  1. This survey is done by the WEF SWI (Water Environment Federation Stormwater Institute). Many thanks for their efforts.


  1. This survey is a big deal. A solid response rate will demonstrate to national heavyweights that MS4 permittees are serious actors in the public infrastructure world.


  1. They want one response from each MS4 permittee.


  • If you work for an MS4 permittee with multiple stormwater staff people, please confer amongst yourselves and decide on the best person to fill out the survey. If this is too much effort, just go ahead and fill it out. The surveyors will work it out.


  • If you are a consultant, talk with your client(s) to see if they want you to fill out the survey for them. Fill out the survey once for each client that instructs you to.


  1. The focus of the survey is to identify the information and resources you need to run an effective and efficient local MS4 stormwater program.


  1. If you want more details, check out this 2-page fact sheet –


  1. It is expected that it will take about 15 minutes to fill out the survey.


  1. After you fill out the survey, please send a short E-mail to telling them that you heard about this from NMSA (National Municipal Stormwater Alliance).


  1. Send any questions or comments regarding this survey to Seth Brown, WEF Stormwater Programs Director, at Please, do not send your questions to me.


  1. Please fill out the survey soon – definitely before June 8th.


  1. Please forward this to any other MS4 permittee staff for whom it would be appropriate.


Many thanks,



Randy Neprash, PE

National Municipal Stormwater Alliance, Vice-Chair

Direct 651-604-4703

Cell: 651-271-5535