The National Aquarium has created a “Borrow A BioBlitz” kit available for loan – free of charge! – to support the citizen science efforts of local Maryland organizations.  This kit consists of six supply bins, with each bin dedicated to a different taxon: Amphibians & Reptiles, Aquatics, Birds, Insects, Mammals, and Plants.  Each bin contains a variety of field guides for identification of wildlife as well as hands-on items for nature exploration.  This kit is intended to increase the capacity of organizations that are currently providing, or plan to provide in the future, citizen science programming and/or BioBlitz events.  The National Aquarium was able to create this kit with funding from Samsung and the National Environmental Education Foundation.

Please see the attached information packet for photos, full supplies list, and more details. Borrow A BioBlitz Kit Info Packet

To request the Borrow A BioBlitz kit, please contact Maura Duffy at