Work2Live WELL is a personal and professional development program with a fast-track entry into the important career world of the environment and natural resources that combines technical skills and training to ensure a solid foundation for employment and success.

Working in partnership with private businesses, nonprofits, universities and others, the Work2Live WELL program will offer selected individuals the opportunity to receive unique training in multiple areas. The program is designed to offer exposure, opportunity and training in several emerging fields and sectors.

Detailed field training plus classroom sessions, one-on-one mentoring and assistance is followed by opportunities to interview for employment with a private or public employer. Participants will gain important life and technical skills necessary to succeed and thrive in any field.

The 2019 program will be located in Baltimore City and offer two separate training tracks.

The Land & Environment track will include skills training relating to:

  • Forestry/Tree Care
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Land Management

The Land & Marine Construction track will include skills training relating to:

  • Concrete, tile, & drywall
  • Dredging & small machinery
  • Blueprints & design

Each participant will be paired with an individual mentor throughout the program for additional professional support.

Training period: February 28 – May 1, 2019

The trainings take place over five days/week, eight hours/day. A bi-weekly stipend will be paid to participants who meet expectations of commitment and responsibility. Course materials, equipment/supplies and uniforms are also included free of charge.

Ideal candidates must be 18+ years old, pass a drug screening, and have physical fitness sufficient to continuously perform strenuous activities (climb ladders, carry a minimum of 50 lbs, etc.). Applicants will be accepted based on their desire to work and positive attitude and ability/interest to learn a new trade.


How to Apply

Application period: January 8 – February 19, 2019

To apply:

Attend an interest session at Civic Works, Tuesdays at 1 p.m.
3501 Brehms Lane, Suite B
Baltimore, MD 21213

Graduation: May 2, 2019