Build Lasting Relationships with Rural Landowners

Join Eric Eckl of Water Words that Work in this engaging full-day training that immerses you in rural culture and provides tested strategies for building lasting relationships with landowners.


Closing the Deal with Rural Landowners

(in conjunction with the 2019 Pennsylvania Land Conservation Conference)

Thursday May 16 10:00 am – 4:30 pm | Instructor: Eric Eckl

Learn the tricks of the trade from the Chesapeake watershed’s most successful conservation field people. If you want rural landowners to say “yes” to conservation practices and easements, this full day training is for you.

Part 1: Landowners and Their Perspective. You will explore the demographics of rural landowners, and how they make decisions about conservation practices and easements.

Part 2: Negotiations, Start to Finish. In this session, you will learn how to cultivate your personal reputation among landowners, and help them reach a decision to pursue a conservation on their property.

Part 3: Persistence Pays — and So Does Customer Service. In this session, we explore how top field staff provide good customer service while managing an ever-expanding workload.

What Others Learned from This Seminar:

  • “Resources to keep in mind when communicating with landowners that I can apply on the ground.”
  • “Great perspective on how rural landowners view conservation practices.”
  • “We’ll immediately change our outreach attempts after seeing the success rates from the strategies explored in this workshop.”