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Forest Conservation Qualified Professional Training | Complete state-approved training leading to the Maryland Forest Conservation Qualified Professional license. Study forest stand delineation, tree inventories and how changes in land use affects trees. CEUs issued. $325 includes $7 fee.

Note: Students must meet Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ requirements to apply for “Qualified Professional” status. Go to click on Trees and then FCA SP Qualified Professionals for information on requirements

Sample Syllabus:

OPT-306-901 Forest Conservation Qualified Professional Training

Text: State Forest Conservation Manual 3rd edition ’97

Suggested: A Field Guide to Eastern Forests: North America (Peterson Field Guides)

Suggested Tools\gear: 10x wedge prism; d-tape; handheld field compass, field vest, clip board with rain cover, 100’ tape, hand lens – 10X, Biltmore Stick.  Field gear: machete, knife, rain parka, water bottle, insect repellant, sunscreen, boots, (Forestry Suppliers, Ben Meadows, & others)

Approximate Class schedule:

  • Introduction. Goals and objectives of course, intro to tools, Using Map and Compass, Pacing;
  • Chapter 1 State Forest Conservation Manual 3rd edition ’97 Office and field techniques, Tools needed, Tree ID, Point sampling.
  • Pacing, Map & Compass; Reading Assignment: Burl Ashley, Simplified Point Sample Cruising, 1991 Field techniques, Invasives ID, Forest Stands, Reading: Field Guide to E. Forests.
  • Chapter 2 FCP State Forest Conservation Manual 3rd edition ’97 FSD Process, what is required, Point sampling  Forest Ecology, Tree ID, Stand delineation, Riparian buffers
  • Field techniques; Setting up FSD
  • Exam\Quiz
  • Field Day ½ day  Saturday, Field Practice
  • Field day review; FCP Elements, worksheets   Reading Assignment: Chapter 3 FCP State Forest Conservation Manual 3rd edition ’97
  • Field Day – Saturday
  • FCP preparation; Assignment; FSD Review Worksheet calculations Reforestation,  Trees and construction, Tree protection, Reforestation. Planting Plan prep.
  • Planting plans, Long term protection
  • FCP wrap up, review assignment.