We are excited to announce the sixth year of the Pooled Monitoring Initiative’s Restoration Research Award Program. This program is offered through a partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Trust, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Chesapeake Bay Program Office.

The goal of this research program is to answer several key restoration questions that are a barrier to watershed restoration project implementation. The program’s partners hope that answering these questions will ultimately lead to increased confidence in proposed restoration project outcomes, clarification of the optimal site conditions in which to apply particular restoration techniques, information useful to regulatory agencies in project permitting, and information that will help guide monitoring programs. This program is designed to connect key stormwater and stream restoration questions posed by the regulatory and practitioner communities with researchers.

What this funds: Research to address one or more of the key restoration questions listed in the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Pooled Monitoring Initiative’s Restoration Research Award Program. The RFP and application is available at https://cbtrust.org/grants/restoration-research/

Who can apply: Both not-for-profit entities (academic institutions, non-profit organizations) and for-profit entities may apply

How much can be awarded: Funding partners have allocated approximately $1,000,000 for this research program. Literature reviews will be funded at up to $50,000 and there is no cap for research projects.

Information session: 12/19/19 from 12pm to 1pm webinar (see RFP for details)

RFP: Direct link to RFP is at https://cbtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Restoration-Research-RFP-FY20_110119_final.pdf

Application process: The Chesapeake Bay Trust’s applications are all submitted though an online system. If you have questions regarding the application, contact this program’s manager, Sadie Drescher at 410-974-2941, ext. 105.

Application due date: 1/30/20 at 4pm

Let me know if you’d like to talk through an idea, need help finding sites, or have any other ideas/questions about this RFP.

Sadie Drescher
Director, Restoration Programs
Chesapeake Bay Trust
(410) 974-2941 x105