Move up the waste management hierarchy to support waste reduction and reuse!

A comprehensive bill to combat the plastic pollution crisis ‒ the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act of 2020 ‒ will be introduced soon and the authors are looking for support from individual groups in addition to our coalition support. 

This bill would pave the way for an economy driven by reusable products and recycled material rather than throwaway plastics made from fossil fuels. It would phase out single-use plastic products, increase producer responsibility and put a stop to the construction of new plastic manufacturing plants. The bill will be introduced in the coming weeks by Senator Tom Udall and Representative Alan Lowenthal, and it needs a show of support from local and national groups who are invested in stopping the plastic crisis.

You can sign on to the support letter today using this form. The full letter of support is included at the bottom of the Google form. You can find an outline of the bill language here.  The bill includes:

  1. Require Nationwide Container Refunds
  2. Source Reduction and Phase-Out Certain Polluting Products
  3. Carryout Bag Fee
  4. Minimum Recycled Content Requirement
  5. Recycling and Composting
  6. Plastic Tobacco Filters, Electronic Cigarettes and Derelict Fishing Gear
  7. Prevent Plastic Waste from Being Shipped to Developing Countries that Cannot Manage It
  8. Protect Existing State Action
  9. Temporary Pause on New Plastic Facilities

Please sign on your organization by COB Friday, February 7 using this form.