New partnership alert! The Chesapeake Bay Trust is excited to announce a recently formed partnership with the District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment on the Community Stormwater Solutions Grant Program. The Community Stormwater Solutions Grant Program provides funding for innovative, community-oriented and –inspired projects, aimed at improving water quality in the District of Columbia, reducing litter, and raising awareness about what citizens can do to restore our rivers, streams, and parks.

Maximum request amount: Up to $20,000

Funds available: $200,000

Deadline: April 7, 2020 at 6pm DEADLINE EXTENDED

May 15, 2020 at 6pm

Our goals are to:

  1. protect and enhance, directly or indirectly, the District of Columbia’s water bodies or watersheds;
  2. provide funding for efforts that raise awareness and lead to behavior change around watershed- and stormwater-related issues, through education, installation and maintenance of runoff-reducing green infrastructure, art installations, or another mean;
  3. support community partners through capacity-building initiatives.

Eligible applications: Applicants physically located in the District of Columbia that are Nonprofit organizations; Faith-based organizations; Government agencies; Universities/educational institutions; or Private Enterprises.

Project examples (include but are not limited too): Educational workshops, community clean-ups, tree plantings, art-, dance-, music-, or film-inspired projects that raise knowledge on issues impacting water quality, natural habitat restoration, interactive and nature-based learning with students, and so much more!

Have an idea but want to talk to through it before applying? Let’s chat! Contact Bre’Anna Brooks at or (410) 974-2941, ext. 112.

To review the Request for Applications (RFA) and apply, visit the Trust’s website –