Introducing a brand-new Data Jam category from the Cary Institute and the Baltimore Ecosystem Study:
Family Data Jam!
Informational webinar on Tuesday April 14 at 5pm EST
In response to an increased need for distance-learning opportunities during school closures, we modified the Data Jam competition requirements to appeal to the entire family!  This new version of the Baltimore and Hudson Data Jam Competitions, allows students of all ages and their family members to explore data together.  All entries are judged by a team of scientists, artists and educators and a monetary award is given to the top projects.
Family Data Jam encourages teamwork, learning about your community and local ecology, and engaging in creativity, all in the safety and comfort of your own home.  Children of all ages are welcome to participate with an adult or adults in their household.  Our Middle School and High School Data Jam competitions will still run this spring and are now open for registration.
Want to learn more about Family Data Jam?  Check out the following resources:
Thank you to all our supporters!  Please share this competition with your friends, families and colleagues in Maryland and New York.
We are grateful to those who recognize that investment in ecological knowledge pays dividends in a healthier environment for all of Earth’s citizens.
On behalf of the next generation, thank you.
The Baltimore Ecosystem Study
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies