During these difficult times your support and donations are appreciated as we explore new ways to connect the NHSM community online and to bring you the quality programs you expect from us in other ways. Raffle ticket sales will go toward this effort as well as future programming, care and conservation of our collections, and administrative efforts for the NHSM.

The raffle drawing will occur on September 30, 2020 or when all tickets have been sold. Buying more than one ticket increases your chances to win!


About Our Prize

As an NHSM Lifetime Membership (value $750) member you will receive discounts on many of our programs from lectures, workshops, and courses offered in our museum, to canoe trips, nature walks, and fossil hunts in the great outdoors. Members also receive a discount to our annual Spring Gala.


Personalized one day guided fossil hunting trip for a Covid-19 compatiable group (5-7 people) to a restricted access beach in Calvert County, Maryland. This site is known for an abundance of Miocene Calvert Formation fossils, in particular a large variety of teeth and shells. Large Otodus (Carcharodon / Carcharocles) megalodon teeth (megs) have been found at this site, along with fossil remains and teeth from whales, dolphins, rays and many other sharks. The trip will be.

The winning party will rendezvous with the guides at a nearby location and the winning party will drive together in one car, following behind the guides. Parking space is very limited and very restricted on this private property.

The trip will take place on a mutually agreed upon Fall 2020 weekend when all parties are available AND when the tides and weather are ideal.

You keep what you find. As a bonus, we will probably see Osprey and maybe a Bald Eagle – no extra charge!

About your guides:

Adrien Malick is a fossil curator at NHSM who grew up collecting fossils on Chesapeake Bay beaches.

Nick Spero is a biologist who is a walking-talking encyclopedia of the fossils you’ll be looking for and the nature you will encounter.

Thank you for your support!