Innovator Webinar Series: Aquatic Organism Passage

This webinar will address numerous aspects of aquatic organism passage (AOP), largely focusing on fish passage. Barriers to AOP include dams, culverts and utilities, which have extensive effects on entire ecosystems by blocking a river’s free-flowing natural systems. The legacy of infrastructure development has left thousands of barriers throughout our American landscape, and without proper considerations, more are designed and built every day. This interactive webinar will highlight the different types of barriers, how to mitigate for those in place, and how to not make new ones. Elements for transportation and hydraulic engineers vital to designing with AOP considerations  will also be discussed.

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • Types of barriers to Aquatic Organism Passage (AOP)
  • Types of fish passage structures for dams
  • Things to consider for culvert/small bridge design
  • How AOP designed culverts are superior to traditional culvert design for flood resiliency

1 PDH hour is available for attendees

Delivery Method: Live Instruction