Pickering Creek Audubon Center’s EcoCamp Fall Adventures, an off-shoot of the successful summer EcoCamp, is now available for use over the Thanksgiving holiday and beyond.   Adventure kits include all the supplies you’ll need to explore, create, and learn in nature, with both indoor and outdoor activities designed to deepen you and your student’s understanding of science while strengthening their connection with the natural world.

The EcoCamp Fall Adventure kit is a great way for your family to come together this Thanksgiving. Hit the trails at Pickering Creek and use the included activity guide and supplies to discover all that the outdoors have to offer. Work together to complete a Fall scavenger hunt, search under fallen logs for hidden insects, and learn what you can do at home to help local wildlife and habitats. It’s the perfect way to keep busy over the holiday weekend while school is on break, while spending time together as a family and learning about nature!

If you are travelling for Thanksgiving or don’t live near the Center, EcoCamp Fall Adventures flexible formatting allows families to adapt to their own schedules and locations, any nearby nature space will work, including your backyard or local greenspace.  The wide range of activities included helps each family engage with nature on their terms. It’s a great way for kids, parents and grandparents to have fun in this November while connecting with the natural world. This program is designed to get kids outdoors for discovery in your own backyard, with adventures in learning that inspire a life-long curiosity in nature and science.  Our fun, time-tested camp programs, adapted for your neighborhood, spark curiosity and sharpen thinking skills through experimentation, exploration, art, community science and sharing our findings.  


EcoCamp Fall Adventures activities are designed so that most campers can complete them on their own, however taking on the program as a family activity can be very rewarding and is welcome.

Your kit contains an EcoCamp drawstring bag to keep your camper’s exploration supplies together, plus a wood cookie necklace for their nature names and containers for scooping, collecting, and earth moving. Additional supplies might include outdoor equipment (i.e. bug nets, kids binoculars), experimental setups (i.e. pipettes, test tubes), and crafts (i.e. pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks).

Visit https://pickering.audubon.org/programs/ecocamp-adventures for more information and to register.  The registration deadline is November 15, pickup of kits will be November 20th.