I wanted to share a report the Center for Biological Diversity published just last week.

In order to understand how people in the United States perceive their impact on wildlife and the environment, the Center conducted a nationally representative online survey regarding the topics of population, climate change, consumption and rights-based solutions like voluntary family planning. You can read the full report, executive summary, press release, survey methodology along with corresponding topical fact sheets here – https://bit.ly/CCSurvey2020CC.

In it you’ll learn why the Center advocates for common-sense, rights-based solutions to unsustainable consumption and population growth, including comprehensive reproductive health, education and equity and a new green economy that supports local jobs and supply chains, empowering communities to become resilient and equitable.

We are publishing 3 to 4 corresponding op-eds about the results. One on consumption has been published here and one on family planning and climate change has been published in Ms. Follow our program Twitter feed to learn when others will be published.