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Win a lifetime membership to NHSM (discounts on programs and more!) AND a collection of birds from past to present.

This month we are raffling a collection of bird-related objects (value approx. $850) that span millions of years including:

  • A three-volume set of American Ornithology by Alexander Wilson. These 150-year-old books are in their original bindings with marbled end pages. There are 103 colored plates, representing a portion of the 268 species collected and painted by Wilson.
  • Two historic pamphlets from the Natural History Society of Maryland: Birds of Baltimore and Vicinity from 1938 and Preliminary List of the Birds of Maryland and the District of Columbia by Irving Hampe and Haven Kolb from 1947.
  • A 40-50-million-year-old fossil bird feather from the Eocene Green River Formation in Garfield County, Colorado. This primitive feather will enhance any fossil collection and will become a wonderful source of contemplation on the origin of birds, flight, and feathers.
  • A beautiful photo printed on canvas titled Cormorants on the Susquehanna River taken by wildlife photographer, Frank Marsden.

To read complete details of each item, and purchase raffle tickets, follow this link: https://www.marylandnature.org/raffle/. Only $5 per raffle ticket and buying more than one ticket increases your chances of winning!