In fall of 2020, The Woods in Your Backyard Partnership offered a multi-state program for Green Industry Professionals to gain knowledge and skills useful for providing additional services to clientele with small acreage properties. The Advanced Level II webinar series will provide four weeks of in-depth training with two evening webinars per week from February 23 to March 18 on the following topics: 1) wildlife habitat enhancement and conflicts; 2) residential riparian buffer installation and maintenance; 3) woodland health practices and harvesting; and 4) managing competing and invasive vegetation and non-herbicide controls.

Time: February 23 to March 18; Tuesday & Thursday evening 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Registration Information:


Wildlife Week

Tuesday, February 23 – Creating & Enhancing Wildlife Habitat

Thursday, February 25 – Dealing with Uninvited Guests & Wildlife Conflicts

Tree Planting & Water Week

Tuesday, March 2 – Installing a Residential Riparian Buffer

Thursday, March 4 – Maintaining Tree Plantings: Riparian Buffers & Lawn Conversions

Woodland Management Week

Tuesday, March 9 – Applying Woodland Health Practices to Different Successional Stages

Thursday, March 11 – Woodland Management: Harvesting on Single & Multiple Properties

Vegetation Management Week

Tuesday, March 16 – Using Forest Herbicides to Control Competing & Invasive Vegetation

Thursday, March 18 – Non-Herbicide Control & Efficacy on Competing Vegetation

Registration Materials & Cost: $40 for registration only; $65 includes Woodland Health Practices Handbook & Woodland Health Assessment Checklist and Management Actions; for an additional $20 participants will also receive a copy of the original Woods in Your Backyard book.

The Woods in Your Backyard Partnership:  includes the University of Maryland Extension, Penn State Extension, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, and Virginia Dept. of Forestry

This project is funded by the Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology.