Envisioning a Just Future in Community Forests: A TreeVitalize Partners Conference

Hosted by Penn State University on May 5 and 12 (12-1:30 EST). Registration due May 4.


This panel-style conference is the first Pennsylvania TreeVitalize Partners Conference, a conference to bring together partners working in community forests. The conference theme is diversity, inclusion, and justice in community forests. The panels will focus on agencies, organizations, and practitioners who are creating solutions for people and communities and will help encourage and inspire solutions and strategies that can help you address issues facing your own communities. You will leave these discussions seeing how goals for justice, diversity, and inclusion serve both people and the environment. This conference will also kick-start our series of follow-up weekly webinars that continue to discuss issues and opportunities surrounding these topics. Please see  https://extension.psu.edu/community-forests  for more information.