Hello Education Community!

We are excited to announce a Student track on June 28 for middle and high school students at this year’s Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Education Conference, June 28 – July 1, 2021. 

Students are doing amazing work around climate change awareness, education, and action and we want to provide a space for them to share and learn from each other. Students are demanding more climate change education. Climate change permeates all aspects of our lives and this should be reflected in every school subject. Schools need to teach about climate change and prepare students “for careers in an era of climate change and action.” Across the world universities are incorporating climate literacy into law, medicine, literature, economics, architecture and other disciplines to prepare students for the inevitable changes they will experience during their careers because of climate change. 

On June 28, students will have the opportunity to connect with and hear from their peers engaged in climate solutions through a series of networking activities and presentations on the topics of climate science, justice, and action. At the end of the day, students will rejoin the larger conference community for a student panel so us educators can learn from them. Student Track Registration for middle and high school students is FREE.

Please share this opportunity and the Student Track flyer with students you work with who are passionate about tackling climate change.

Questions about the Student Track? Want to nominate a student or group of students to give a  presentation? Contact Elise at elise.trelegan@noaa.gov.

Registration for others is still open! Full attendance to the conference is $20. Scholarships are available for Mid-Atlantic educators. Please visit our Registration page to learn more and register.


The MACCEC Planning Committee