Our Earth Month auction is about experiences, not things. Each curated adventure is unique to Sustainability Matters, our friends, and our supporters. None is available commercially. We think this captures the spirit of our fledgling nonprofit: anchored in our community, and always excited to share knowledge and adventure.

We hope you’ll bid generously on the priceless experiences in this, Sustainability Matters’ first ever auction. Celebrate your gradual emergence from the pandemic bubble, and join friends to bid on some fun! Each of these adventures will be private to the winning bidder’s group, with timing arranged to the mutual convenience of the winning bidder and the donor. Once the auction has concluded, we’ll get winners and donors in touch directly.

Funds raised through Auction for the Earth will help us plant pollinator habitat at landfills, teach food insecure families to grow their own vegetables, and host dozens of educational and community outreach events each year.


If you’d like to support Sustainability Matters through a direct donation, please do so here: