During these difficult times your support and donations are appreciated as we explore new ways to connect the NHSM community online and to bring you the quality programs you expect from us in other ways. Raffle ticket sales will go toward this effort as well as future programming, care and conservation of our collections, and administrative efforts for the NHSM.

The raffle drawing will occur on June 1, 2021. Buying more than one ticket increases your chances to win!

Thank you for your support!

About Our Prize

As an NHSM Lifetime Membership (value $750) member you will receive discounts on many of our programs—from lectures, workshops, and courses offered in our museum—to canoe trips, nature walks, and fossil hunts in the great outdoors.


This month we are letting you decide what you need for your camping and outdoor gear for this summer. The raffle prize for May is a $500 Gift Certificate to REI! Just what you need to make your summer outdoors even better!

Need a tent? A new backpack? Binoculars? Maybe a camp stove? Or just a new pair of boots? It’s up to you! REI has everything you need to enjoy the outdoors (other than our programs!). Take a chance and help us keep the programs coming by buying a ticket or two.

Guided Fossil Trip AND a Lifetime Membership to NHSM