The AACPS Office of Environmental Literacy and Outdoor Education at Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center is looking for volunteers who enjoy birding or who have an interest in maintaining bird feeders and houses for our feathered friends around campus!
We also welcome volunteers for our Land Steward and Eco-Buddy programs as well as one other animal care opportunity. If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, or a different volunteer opportunity found on our volunteer webpage, please contact
Feathered Friends: Help care for our resident birds by cleaning, filling, and monitoring bird feeders and bird houses on-site at Arlington Echo. This is a year-round position and we are looking for a handful of volunteers who have an interest in birds or would like to learn/explore more about these animals. These volunteers will also fill hummingbird feeders during the warm spring and summer months. We also encourage and welcome volunteers who may be interested in bird counts and observations of the birds around our campus.
Land Steward: Assist staff with outdoor projects on-site at Arlington Echo. Duties may include tasks such as removing invasive plant species; weeding, maintaining, and mulching native gardens; installing native plants; and landscape construction projects as needed.
Eco-Buddy: Maintain first grade monarch butterfly gardens and care for new trees planted by kindergarten students at elementary schools in Anne Arundel County. Responsibilities include weeding, planting, mulching, and watering as needed.
Animal Care: Help care for our aquatic animals on-site at Arlington Echo. This position will assist with tank maintenance and cleaning for our fish, turtle, and eel tanks.
We hope you will consider volunteering with us at Arlington Echo! Please contact if you are interested or with any questions.