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Briana Warner of Atlantic Sea Farms will open Day 4 of MACCEC

The fourth day of the Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Education Conference (MACCEC), Thursday, July 1, will focus on the Climate Workforce and end with Resource Share sessions.

Briana Warner of Atlantic Sea Farms truly is a Food Hero. She will open the day to share how their work is responding to our changing climate and acting as a climate solution. The fishing industry in Maine, like so many industries across the world, is already impacted by climate change and their future depends on adapting to those changes. Atlantic Sea Farms works with local fishing communities to diversify how they use the water—resulting in positive impacts on the economic and environmental health of the coastal communities. CBS This Morning recently highlighted the company and we are excited to learn more!

Following Briana, we will learn how a few organizations are introducing students to climate-ready or green careers. Our day will end with Resource Share sessions where groups from across the country will share quick tours of their free resources ready to support your climate change programming.

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