Together we are all responsible for the marine debris that flows into the Mid-Atlantic Ocean and together we must all pitch in to stop that flow.  Each state, agency, community, organization and individual must help if we are to succeed. The types of litter and sources of marine debris are myriad – consumer and single-use plastics, microfibers and microplastics, derelict and abandoned fishing gear and vessels. Reducing and ultimately eliminating this threat is paramount to the health of our environment, our coastal economies, and even our personal health.

On July 20 – 22, the Mid-Atlantic Marine Debris Summit will bring together policy-makers, researchers, businesses and the public to explore current trends in marine debris, new science on marine debris impacts, and new technology, policies and initiatives to prevent and reduce marine debris. Most importantly, the summit will help identify what actions – many simple but powerful – each participant can take back to their state house, boardrooms and homes to stop marine debris before it happens.

Register once for all three days of virtual sessions. Tickets are free. During the registration process you will be asked to check off which days you plan to participate among other questions. This participant information will help the speakers better prepare to address the audience.

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