Scenic Rivers Land Trust is seeking 2-3 new volunteers to join our team of Volunteer Land Stewards!

Volunteers assist us in the vital task of conducting annual monitoring visits for each of the 70 properties under easement with Scenic Rivers. Each year, a volunteer is assigned two to five of our conserved properties on which to visit and complete monitoring reports.

You determine your commitment level and the number of properties you’re able to visit.

This work is essential to our status as a nationally accredited land trust and helps us build lasting relationships with landowners who conserve their land.

If you’re interested in joining our team of stewardship volunteers, contact our Stewardship Coordinator, Lindsay Smith, at

About Scenic Rivers Land Trust

Scenic Rivers Land Trust is a nationally accredited private, nonprofit dedicated to protecting forests, wetlands, farmlands, and other open spaces in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Scenic Rivers works with private landowners and other partners to conserve natural and scenic areas through landowner education and by holding and facilitating land protection agreements. To date, Scenic Rivers holds 70 conservation easements on nearly 3,200 acres of land. Visit to learn more.