The Chesapeake Bay Program’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) is seeking nominations of candidates for At-large Membership positions. STAC provides scientific and technical advice and guidance to the Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) Partnership on measures to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed. Members work to enhance scientific communication and outreach throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed and beyond. STAC provides independent scientific and technical advice in various ways, such as (1) technical reports and white papers, (2) conducting reviews of CBP products, (3) technical workshops, and (4) interaction between STAC members and the CBP. STAC serves as a liaison between the scientific community and the CBP. Through professional and academic contacts and organizational networks of its members, STAC facilitates cooperation among and between the various research institutions and management agencies represented in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

For more information regarding current STAC members, activities, and operational guidelines, please visit our website.

At-large Members Position Description: At-large members provide guidance and input based on their network connections, expertise and research. Opportunities and expectations for At-large Members include…

–       Provide input on various STAC and CBP partnership activities that are related to members’ expertise and interests. STAC activities include (but may not be limited to) technical workshops and reviews, synthesis projects, and ad-hoc groups examining topics of interest.

–       Participate in at least two of four quarterly STAC meetings. Meetings last typically 1.5 days/each.

–       Serve a term of four years, with potential to be reappointed for one additional four-year term

–       Engage with the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership through participation in meetings, activities, and discussions that are of relevance and interest to you and to STAC

The following pages of the STAC website provide an overview of past and ongoing STAC activities:

–       STAC Workshop webpage

–       STAC Publications webpage

–       STAC Governing Documents

–       Chesapeake Bay Program Information

STAC is specifically interested in nominees with the following expertise

–       Environmental justice

–       Social and behavioral science

–       Economics, specifically agricultural/natural resources valuation

–       Estuarine- physical/biogeochemical

–       Estuarine- living resources

–       Urban and Wastewater Treatment

–       Agriculture

Self-nominations are sought by November 8, 2021. Selected candidates will be appointed by the end of the calendar year, following review of nomination form and confirmation of interest.

To submit your self-nomination, please use this web self-nomination form.

Please share this information with any others who would be interested and could contribute to the needs of this committee.

Any questions regarding Membership process or needs can be directed to Annabelle Harvey, STAC Coordinator,

STAC is committed to creating a productive and inclusive space for a diverse membership, highlighting the vital contributions of members from varied backgrounds, races, gender identities, and expertise. We strive to recruit diverse members and foster an inclusive environment to honor unique perspectives.STAC At-Large Nomination Call