The Chesapeake Bay Green Streets, Green Jobs, Green Towns (G3) Grant Program is now open!

The Chesapeake Bay Green Streets-Green Jobs-Green Towns (G3) Grant Program funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region III (EPA) and the Chesapeake Bay Trust (Trust), welcomes requests for urban green infrastructure proposals. The goal of the Chesapeake Bay G3 Grant Program is to help communities develop and implement plans that reduce stormwater runoff, increase the number and amount of green spaces in urban areas, improve the health of local streams and the Chesapeake Bay, and enhance quality of life and community livability.

This collaborative effort provides support for local, grassroots-level greening efforts to reduce stormwater runoff from towns and communities in urbanized watersheds. By focusing on “green streets” communities can develop and realize a green vision to design-build and maintain green infrastructure stormwater practices. Green Streets anchor communities and serve as a catalyst for the integration of green practices that support green schools, community greening, increasing urban tree canopy, and reducing impervious surfaces to improve natural infrastructure. All communities in Maryland and throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed portions of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Virginia are eligible to apply.

Up to $15,000 for conceptual plans, $30,000 for engineered designs, $150,000 for implementation projects, $50,000 for greening communities, and $20,000 for white papers may be requested for this grant program. These caps may be exceeded with proper justification.

Deadline: Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 at 4 pm.

For more information, please visit the grant webpage:  Green Streets, Green Jobs, Green Towns (G3) Grant Program.

For questions or to discuss project ideas, please contact Jeffrey Popp, 410-974-2941, ext. 103.