It’s one month until Unity Gardens starts accepting proposals for Spring grant projects and we are excited to DOUBLE the funds available this spring.

Each Spring and Fall, Unity Gardens awards grants to Anne Arundel County communities to support planting initiatives that use the power of native plants to address issues like stormwater runoff, pollution and habitat loss. Unity Gardens will continue to fund grants up to $1,000 as we have since 2003. In addition, we’ll also be funding several Power Grants up to $3,000 each. The same application will be used for all grants.

Unity Gardens funds groups such as homeowners associations, faith-based organizations, schools and scout groups, garden clubs, and other qualified nonprofits. We are happy to discuss your ideas for a potential project, just email us at to schedule a chat.

The application will become available  January 15, 2022 however you may review a past application for reference as nothing significant will change. View this, the Grant Guidelines, and learn about past grantees on our website

The deadline to apply is March 1, 2022.