Looking to break into the environmental field and launch your career? Looking to make a difference and address climate change? Or know a young person who is? Young professionals gain experience, crucial career skills, a support system, and key connections within the environmental field through the Chesapeake Bay Trust’s Chesapeake Conservation Corps program.

The Chesapeake Conservation Corps is a one-year term of paid service that places young adults with nonprofits or government agencies to work fulltime focusing on Chesapeake, climate, and energy issues. Throughout the year young professionals receive experience managing projects and programs, leadership and professional development training, mentorship, a support network of young professionals, and other skill-building opportunities including networking and grant writing. Positions offered by the host organizations are in the fields of climate change, environmental restoration, community engagement, environmental education, sustainable agriculture, energy conservation, and forestry.

The Chesapeake Bay Trust anticipates placing around 30-35 Corps Members, young adults 18-25, with nonprofit organizations and government agencies throughout the Chesapeake Bay region for a paid year of service ($20,500) beginning on August 16, 2022.  The Chesapeake Bay Trust also offers an Equity Fellowship opportunity to assist Corps Members with the financial challenge of a stipend year of service in the Chesapeake Conservation Corps. The Equity Fellowship provides an additional $5,000 to the stipend amount to up to 4 Corps Members who demonstrate financial need and identify with an underrepresented group including but not limited to the list that is provided in the Equity Fellowship Application Package.

Applications for the Chesapeake Conservation Corps and the Equity Fellowship must be submitted through the Trust’s online system by March 3, 2022 at 4:00 pm. To learn more and apply go to https://cbtrust.org/chesapeake-conservation-corps/apply/.

For any questions about the Chesapeake Conservation Corps contact Program Coordinator Carlton Burns cburns@cbtrust.org or 410-974-2941, ext. 125