The Chesapeake Bay Trust as part of their Diversity and Inclusion Initiative seeks qualified contractors for two scopes of work, the first (Scope 1: Connector Group) to increase awareness of and engagement in the District DOEE Community Stormwater Solutions Awards Program with small, new, and/or historically excluded (SNHE) organizations and with assistance from the Trust and DOEE identify organizations who need and are ready for additional technical assistance, and the second (Scope 2: Grant Writing Technical Assistance) to provide grant writing technical assistance and training for four (4) organizations identified through the first scope.

Scope 1 – Connector Group work must be completed by May 12, 2022

Scope 2 – Grant Writing Technical Assistance work must be completed by July 7, 2022


Deadline for Proposals: Thursday April 14, 2022, at 6:00 PM EDT.

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Any questions should be directed to Outreach & Education Program Officer Joe Toolan at