The CWEA Stormwater Committee is currently soliciting abstracts for its annual seminar to be held on June 10, 2022.

The CWEA Stormwater Seminar is presented to allow peer-to-peer information exchange opportunities for representatives of regulated stormwater programs and stormwater, resilience, and climate adaptation professionals. The assumption that current and future climate threats and impacts will resemble those of the past does not appear to be true. Recently, we have experienced changing rainfall patterns which have produced short duration, high intensity storm events causing increased occurrence of localized flooding and impacts on water quality. Local governments are struggling with big, expensive decisions in the face of changing climate and increased NPDES MS4 permit requirements. These decisions will also need public buy-in. The
purpose of this seminar is to share creative, multi-objective approaches for establishing a path to future stormwater management to improve water quality while accounting for resiliency and climate adaptation.

The seminar will be held at MITAGS and cover an entire day (8 am – 4 pm). The Committee is soliciting abstracts for presentations on projects related to the planning and design for stormwater resiliency and adaptation in the local community. For this year’s seminar, we would like to encourage the participation of students and young professionals. Abstracts which include a student or young professional co-presenter are strongly encouraged.

Abstracts Due: April 1, 2022

Abstract Submission Instructions: Submit an abstract (500 word maximum) to Carlos Cuneo by email at

Additional Information: