The National Municipal Stormwater Alliance (NMSA) is hosting two, no-cost Webinars in the near future.  These events cover the topics of the importance of identifying stormwater needs in Clean Watersheds Needs Survey as well as a focus on true source control in MS4 program.  These Webinars are provided as a free service to the MS4 sector.  Please see detailed information on each event below.

Webinar: Stormwater and Green Infrastructure and the Clean Watersheds Needs Survey

Date:  Thursday, March 24, 2022

Time:  2:30-4:00pm (Eastern Daylight Time)


The last Clean Watersheds Needs Survey (CWNS) was conducted in 2012, and stormwater needs were significantly underreported.  It is more important now than ever before for the stormwater sector to identify the cost needs in this sector as new and emerging federal funding and financing programs – with an example being the Overflow and Stormwater Grant (OSG) program – index funding level allocations to states based primarily on identified needs in the CWNS.  In other words, the lower the needs identified, the less funding states and communities will receive for stormwater investments.

The National Municipal Stormwater Alliance (NMSA) is working with EPA to increase reported stormwater cost needs.  Towards this end, NMSA invites you to attend a Webinar focusing on EPA’s 2022 CWNS and providing information for stormwater program managers. We will have guest speakers from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to present on stormwater project eligibilities, examples, and discuss how stormwater and green infrastructure managers can support the CWNS (see list of speakers below).  This Webinar is one part of EPA and NMSA’s efforts to improve stormwater data submitted for the 2022 CWNS. There will be an opportunity for Q&A.

This Webinar is part of NMSA’s MS4/CWNS Project.

Note:  1.5 PDHs will be awarded for attending this webinar.  This is a no-cost webinar.  Registration is required (see link below). This Webinar will not be recorded.

Robyn DeYoung, USEPA
Elisabeth Schlaudt, USEPA
Josh Klein, USEPA
Randy Neprash, Stantec, MCSC, and Vice Chair, NMSA
Zach Henderson, Woodard & Curran, Member of NMSA Board of Directors

Seth Brown, Executive Director, NMSA

Registration: – Stormwater and Green Infrastructure and the Clean Watersheds Needs Survey

Webinar: True Source Control for MS4 Programs

Date:  Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Time:  12:30-2pm (Eastern)


We live in an environment that is awash in millions of chemicals from a number of sources—lawn fertilizers, dish soap, aerosol sprays—and in many instances, we have limited knowledge about how these chemicals interact with the environment or with each other. Once these chemicals are in the environment, they often are transported via storm water runoff to lakes, streams and groundwater basins where they can be difficult to remove with standard treatment.

The traditional focus of addressing storm water pollution has been treatment similar to a wastewater facility—discharge the water downstream and treat it before releasing it to the environment. This type of approach may be reasonable for pollutants that can be removed through these processes, such as sediment; however, the use of downstream treatment for pollutants that are soluble becomes costlier and less practical.   As with many complex problems faced by society, the solution is multi-pronged.  In stormwater, this means a focus not only on green infrastructure and end-of-pipe treatment, but we should also support source control of chemicals.

Please join us for the first in a series of webinars exploring the topic of True Source Control as a tool for MS4 stormwater programs.  This first webinar will define True Source Control as a unique solution to some of the most vexing problems for stormwater quality, provide a research segment on a True Source Control project, overview a recent True Source Control success story, and provide an opportunity for question and answer with an expert panel (see speakers listed below).

Note:  1.5 PDHs will be awarded for attending this webinar.  This is a no-cost webinar.

Karen Cowan, Executive Director, CASQA
Rachel Urban, Water Permits Division, USEPA (invited)
Sarah Hobbie, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Randy Neprash, Stantec, Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition and Vice Chair, NMSA
Scott Taylor, Michael Baker, Chair, NMSA

Seth Brown, Executive Director, NMSA

Registration: – True Source Control for MS4 Programs



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